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By the experiences which we gained since 1970’s, Indomie gather under the roof of Indofood, as ADKOTURK Gıda San ve Tic. LTD. ŞTİ., we come to be your guest on your dining table with our delicious noodles.

About us


Who We Are

In Turkey, Indomie was first introduced in 2010 under the name of Adkoturk Gıda Sanayi ve Ticaret LTD. ŞTİ. Adkoturk, has been operating in Turkey with 100% foreign capital by the participation of international investors. Adkoturk Gıda Sanayi ve Ticaret LTD. ŞTİ. is one of Turkey's most prestigious corporation and a pillar of the Turkish economy in Noodle producing. We strive to fulfill our responsibilities in line with the vision of creating a long-lasting competitive edge.

As Adkoturk, our goal is to add to our long list of achievements in keeping with our motto “Better Food for Better Tomorrow” and to create more value for Turkish nation, the environment and shareholders.

Indomie Instant Noodles, who is carrying on a business in more than 80 countries of all over the world, by putting into operation a factory in Çerkezköy, Tekirday, become the 1st Noodle producer in Turkey. Initially, it was popular with the students and working people who has no time and energy for cooking. However, today Indomie Instant Noodles with its unique taste, affordable price and only 3 minutes cooking process advantage, has become a popular snack for many Turkish people.

Adkoturk, who establishes its fieldwork towards consumers and their needs, by analyzing the data obtained from the consumers, aims to be the best and the only one in providing professional team who can do the right operations and in advanced working environment as well. Therefore, the environment, which we create, increases the business day after day for now and for future as well, by contributing in developing and progression of the Turkish economy. Adkoturk, who gives a roadmap to the business with its development and growth policy, and with its new factory which entered into operation in food sector, intends to promote its products and delicious flavours through exporting them to the Turkey’s neighbors. Thus, it will continue to be as a favorite pioneer establishment in its area around the world.

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Where To Find Indomie?
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ndomie Instant Noodles has been wide spread in the Turkish market, and it is possible that you can find it at the chain markets and even at your grocery store at the corner.

We provide you, our valuable consumers, the best services, and we are at the points of the sale for you to ensure that you enjoy the Indomie Noodles as much as you wish.

Contact Us
the hot line

+90 212 573 88 18

ADKOTURK Food Industry and Trade Limited Company
Tekirdağ Factory
Address: Organized Industrial Side of Çerkezköy, Atatürk District, Fatih Ward Nr: 40
Çerkezköy – Kapaklı – Tekirdağ
Phone: +90 282 758 22 72
Fax : +90 282 758 27 75
E-Mail :

ADKOTURK Food Industry and Trade Limited Company
Head Office
Merkez Mahallesi 29 Ekim Caddesi İstanbul Vizyon Park Ofis Blokları 3. Plaza Dış Kapı 7, Kat: 6 No:61
Bahçelievler – İstanbul
Tel : +90 212 573 88 18
Fax : +90 212 573 88 19
E-Mail :