Production Process

The Selection of Wheat Sorts

We select first class flour to be used in noodles production, and we send them to the laboratory. After determine the quality of the flour according to the analysis results, the flour will be put to pass through the sifter.

The dough, which consists of Pasteurized water, salt, leavening, cardoon gum and vitamin B2, is added to the flour wheat. And is slowly mixed in a large mixer.

Dough Preparation

Dough Compression

After preparing the dough, it is thinned by a giant presser until it becomes 1mm.

Dough Cutting and Waving

The dough, which is 1 mm thick, is cut into thin slices noodles strips, and is made curly, and then the Indomie takes the shape of the molds.

Cooking with Steam

This noodle strips are then steamed at 100°C, and fully cooked. This phase is considered as the first phase of quick cooking of Indomie at home.

Placing in molds

At this stage, the noodle strips are folded, and cut into molds of specific weight.

Light Frying in Oil

In this process, Indomie noodles blocks are fried in a pure palm oil, in order to serve to you the most delicious taste in every bite.

Cooling Phase

Fried Indomie instant noodles are passed through filtered clean air, and then are prepared for packaging.

Quality Control

All our factories around the world are ISO 22000:2005 Food safety management system certified, and with this certificate, we guarantee our products quality and safety. A bonnet, gloves and masks are used during the product processing and packaging, to fulfill the obligations within the frame of all hygiene conditions of the working staff at all stages, until the product is shipped and sold to the customer. Our quality control specialists take samples and make tests with the most advanced technological materials and methods, and they check that Indomie is according to the international quality and food safety standards.

Adding Spices and Packaging

In accordance with international Codex standards and Turkish standards, with the produced package, the spices are carefully added to every portion, and Noodle portions are prepared in a sterilized environment.

Filling in Boxes & Storage

The products that reach to the consumption stage are filled into special made boxes, and properly stored.